Welcome to 2bseductive.

 This site show cases women of all shapes, sizes and colors.

 A boudoir photo shoot is about YOU. You might be doing it for him, but truly it is for YOU.

 Women of all ages come to our studio to have fun, flirt and express their seductive and sassy side.

 You all have that inner model.  Some may feel physically insecure; whether it be from having children, gaining weight, or whatever it may be.  Put that all aside, we’re here to correct that!

We have captured the beauty and shown the sassy, sexy and seductive side of our amazing clients from all over the body and age spectrum. We photograph ladies from 18 to 65 years old and up, 300 pounds or a 100.  There is no limit when it comes to you wanting to feel gorgeous!  We have many brides, doctors, teachers and housewives that come and enjoy getting in front of the camera for a few hours.

 We let you bring something special if it is for him to make your photo shoot a little more personable. It can be guns, a motorcycle or something as simple as his work shirt.

 Through creative lighting and posing we are here to make you feel all that you are. You will ooze your seductive side and glow with that sexiness that every woman has.  I have yet to have a client leave my studio that didn’t strut out feeling empowered and sexy! Please read the Je t'aime page to see what others have experienced.

Don’t forget about the men!  Yes bring your G Q and he can be part of Dudeoir -  a male seductive experience.

 For those that want to bring their partner along for very sensual experience, we photograph couples as well. 

For those that are leery or skeptical of the term “boudoir”, please come check out some of our work. We are not pornographic photographers. We are classy, tactful and chic. Our goal is to photograph you in a way that will show the true beauty, sassy and seductive side that females of all shapes, sizes and colors have!

I can’t wait to meet you and show you how stunning and gorgeous you really are, in the form of high quality photos!