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JE t'aime I love you in French. Today client sent me this.


Talk about an AMAZING experience!!!!  To say I’m impressed would be an extreme understatement.  My boudoir session with Dave was incredibly professional, laid back, and exciting! I don’t think I’ve ever felt so comfortable in my own skin.  I won’t lie though, at first I was insanely nervous and the thought of being almost naked was intimidating to say the least, but as the session progressed it was like my self-consciousness and anxiety slowly started to dwindle. I felt….SEXY!  Empowering.  Beautiful.

Once the session was complete, Dave and I went into his office to review the photos and I was to choose 30 of my favorites.  But as we were going through them, I knew that I couldn’t just chose 30.  They were all so wonderful!  It was astonishing how beautiful I felt looking at myself.  I just knew my boyfriend would fall in love with them.  How could he not?!

Every woman should do this.  If not for someone else, then for themselves.  It’s an amazing gift! You start to see yourself in an all new perspective.  It gives you a kind of self-loving that’s irreversible and it gets you in touch with your sexuality and let’s not forget what it does to your self-confidence!! WOWZERS.

Thank you SOOOO much Dave!!  Because of you, I see myself in an all new light.  You turned something simple, into extraordinary!

 Sharayah Clark  February 2014









I don’t even know where to begin. When I came to your studio to see what this “boudoir” stuff was all about, I expected a creepy man with a well-rehearsed sales pitch. The second I walked into your home I instantly knew my assumptions were way off target. I immediately felt at ease very and comfortable. You showed me around your home and studios, proving to me that your passion is in your work. Impressively, in the 2 hours my friend and I sat and spoke with you, you (unlike ANY other photographers I’ve met with) never once spoke about pricing. This reassured me that you weren’t just in this business to make money, but for the purpose of making phenomenal photos. You proved that to me time and time again. We were also very impressed with the fact that you didn’t focus on just the “super model” type. You truly appreciate all women regardless of their shape, size or color. I initially did the photo shoot in hopes of surprising my boyfriend with a sexy little something and in turn I got so, so much more. Your professionalism and wit made the entire process SO easy, and extremely fun! You have a way with photographs that will forever go unmatched, I hope you know that! Never stray from the way you do business, Dave – You are truly one-of-a-kind. Thank you for absolutely everything, and as you know, I’ll be back for more. J

Megan Brandt

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Looking forward to Friday, for the final picks! David had a good time yesterday. Thank you so much for making this such an enjoyable experience! I usually absolutely DREAD getting my pic taken...From now on I'm afraid exclusive rights must go to you! Haha

David N Amber Dalzell



I am so happy with my new book! (and so is my husband) I am not only glad that I did it, but proud of myself! Dave was professional while keeping me confident and comfortable. I wouldn't want to work with anyone else. Dave's personality and sense of humor made all of my nerves go away and helped me show off my sexy side that I didnt know I had. It was so much fun and I am so glad I did it. I hope that every woman has a chance to treat themselves and give their husbands a gift like no other! Thanks Dave, for everything!



I just wanted to say Thank You once again, Dave! My boyfriend absolutely loved the book, I think we did good!! Plus, I have really enjoyed showing it off. What a wonderful experience.
Have a great day,


They are awesome!!  Thank you so much!  My friends look at me totally different now!
You're the best!


To be completely honest I was nervous before I did my boudoir session.  I showed up that morning with my sister a little scared but with in a short amount of time I was completely at ease and having a great time taking the pictures.  I never once felt uncomfortable during the whole session and the fact that Dave was a man was no problem at all.  I am so happy that I took the leap and did the boudoir session.  The pictures turned out amazing and I, along with my husband, was very happy with the outcome.  I would highly recommend doing the boudoir shoot with Dave to any woman.
Sincerely Paige Brown



Dave loved the book. His reaction was a little less than I expected...but we figured out by the next day that he was so much in SHOCK that he didn't even know what to say!! After my sisters quizzed him about it, it finally started to sink in to him that that was really ME! Everybody thought it was awesome so it turned out to be very memorable and a great experience for me. Still can't believe I did it, but would definitely do it again! :)
Thanks for all of your help and expertise, Dave. Greatly appreciated!




I had an absolute blast!! It was such a good time, and you made me feel so comfortable!!
Thanks again for taking the time to have the shoot with me - and I know Charlie will be thanking you too once he sees the book :)
I can't wait to see all the pictures again!!


We'll talk soon!